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The Future?

In December 2011, the continuation of The Tribe was published in a book form, it's called The Tribe: A New World and can be bought from Amazon or through Tribeworld.

Cloud9, the company behind The Tribe, has promised that the next book should be around late 2012.

The official Facebook for The Tribe is also around.

The most active fanbase can currently be found at www.TribeUniverse.com

A book has been written by Harry Duffin in 2009. "The Blood of Judas" is a new novel and screenplay written by Harry Dufin and David Fox. It takes on a much more  adult feel and starts back at the beggining of the series one of The Tribe.

The beginning of The Tribe's resurrection happened in May 2009 @ www.triberevival.com which since has closed down, but is served as a great website in getting people together again.


The Tribe

The Tribe is a TV Series which first screened in the UK 24th April 1999 on Channel 5 and has since spread all over the world very successfully. The series depicts a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has killed all the living adults. The kids inherit the world and the series follows their struggle to survive in the harsh reality called Life. Some kids begin to form tribe's, where members work together and help each other out to survive...
So, picture it, you are a kid, your parents have died from this virus, you've had to bury your parents with your own hands and as the days slowly pass, the electricity goes out, you're beginning to get cold as there is no heating, the water coming out of the tap is filthy and eventually it begins to run dry, the shops have all been raided by for food, hospitals have all their medication taken, kids are running in terror on the streets, scared of violent Tribes and what they'll do to them if they get captured...
No where is safe, even the houses are being raided, kids are looking for anything that will help to do what everyone else is trying to do. They're all trying to survive... and keep the dream alive. 

The Virus

The storyline behind the virus is that a company called Pandorax were creating a solution to prevent, if not stop, ageing. The virus was the result of an anti-ageing drug that went wrong and once the virus started, it spread too rapidly before it could stop. Symptons of the virus are headaches, body aches, wrinkly skin, greying hair and some lesions on the skin. Anyone displaying the symptoms would end up dead, only kids were immune to the virus. All the adults died. There was an antidote for the virus, but it was unclear as to wether it worked and the virus had already spread before it could get distributed to the people who were dying from the virus. However bearing all this in mind, the exact story about the virus remains a mystery. Some of the answers to how it was created and how it spread are given in series 2 of The Tribe.