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An Interview with Georgia-Taylor Woods (20. October 2012)


When is your birthday?  November 10 1999
What is your eye color? Mainly green but sometimes changes.

What was your favourite toy as a child? A baby doll.

Have you got any brothers or sisters? Younger or older than you? I have 1 step sister 2 step brothers 1 half sister 2 half brothers and I'm the oldest. (Wow, that's a big family - almost a tribe :))

What has been the best and most memorable birthday party so far? I dont think I've had one.
Where do you live now (what country)? Australia.

Have you ever watched The Tribe? If so, how does it make you feel? Is it strange or funny to see yourself on screen? I have and i thought wow that was really me, it makes me laugh.

Got a favourite character in The Tribe?  Trudy (Antonia Prebble)
Have you done any other acting besides The Tribe (in a school play maybe)? I haven't done any other acting but want to get back into it but cant find (any)where. 


What is your favourite subject at school and why do you like it? I like break because there's no work.

Have you got a favourite place to spend your holidays? I don't really go places in the holidays but  f i do its New Zealand.

What is your favourite cartoon or movie? Ted.

Favourite band or song? "Diamonds" by Rihanna.

Favourite food? Junk food chips and ice-cream and healthy mango.

Any great books you have read? Spud, Chips and Pup are really good books it is a small book series.

Have you got any hobbies? Horse riding is my favorite thing to do and horses are my favorite animal.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a champion equestrian. 



An Interview with Georgia-Taylor Woods (2003)

  • Apples or Pears?   Apples

  • Chocolate or lollies?  Chocolate
  • Rap or R&B?  Barney 
  • Books or movies?  Books
  • Coffee or tea? Tea
  • Chess or cards? Cards
  • Cars or motorbikes? I like cars
  • Swimming or rock climbing? Rock climbing 
  • Letters or emails? Letters
  • Birthdays or Christmas? Both
  • Blondes or brunettes?  I like brown hair
  • Short or tall?  Tall people
  • Adventure or beach holiday?  Yep - both
  • Ice cream or cake?  I like ice cream
  • Snow or sun? Snow
  • Drink?  Coke
  • Type of music?  The Wiggles
  • Song? Dorothy's Party Song
  • Movie? Look Who's Talking
  • Book? All sorts
  • Sport?  Running around, going to the park
  • Hobby? Swimming
  • Person? Antonia and my mummy
  • Actor? Baby Bray ( how cute is that)
  • Musician? Nothing
  • Weather?  Sunny
  • City? Wellington
  • Country? New Zealand
  • Holiday spot? Australia
  • Place to be on your own? My bedroom