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Mommy: Trudy

Daddy: Martin/Zoot

Place of Birth: The Phoenix Mall

The Name: In the time after Zoot's death, Trudy liked Bray. That's why she cose the name Brady - a mix of BRAy and TruDY.

Growing up: Brady's grown up fast and caused much grief for her mother Trudy who is fiercely protective of her young daughter who has been kidnapped on a number of occasions due to her father, Zoot. Brady is growing upand made her first steps and uttered her first words in Series 3.

Home: Most of the time, Brady has been living in the Phoenix Mall. When the Chosen caught her and Trudy, Brady lived in the caves and in the Mall, she was later also in the Eco camp with Trudy and Amber, but returned to the Mall soon enough. Now, Brady's home is a small boat...where she, her mother and the rest of the Mallrats went to escape the city.

Actresses portraying Brady

Series 1

Beanie Palmer (newborn)

Kiriana Chase (majority of season one)

Series 2

Story Rose (first half of season 1)

Eva Rose (the small baby Trudy was holding in the caves in episodes 15 and 16 of The Tribe).

 Story and Eva are daughters of one of the script writers, Carrie Rose.

Ariel Garland (second half of season 2, after Trudy┬┤s return in episode 33)

Series 3

Georgia-Taylor Woods


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Birthday: 10th November 1999
nterests: Georgia likes running around, going to the park and especially swimming.
Georgia was full time in The Tribe for 3 years. She's a very natural actress and managed to make everyone love little Brady.
Georgia loves ice cream and chocolate. At the age of four, she preferred rock climbing over swimming, liked brown hair and tall people. Her fave movie was Look who's talking. And her favourite people were  her mother and Antonia Prebble, Brady's on-screen mommy.
Her favourite holiday at the time was in Australia.