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Baby Bray

Mommy: Amber
Daddy: Bray (missing)
Place of birth: A barn near the city
The Name: Amber named her son after his father, who dissapeared during the Techno takeover, just as she was in labour.
Growing up: Baby Bray is a sweet happy baby, who is quite calm and well-behaving.
Home, sweet home: Most of the time Baby Bray has lived in the eco-camp and later in the Phoenix Mall.

Baby Bray is the son of The Tribe`s most famous couple  -  Amber and Bray. 

He was born early in series 4 at the same time when the Techno-invasion began. Amber previously had went through some pretty hard ordeals (she was kidnapped) and this influenced her pregnancy - the labour started before the right time. It was a shock, of course and then Amber had to deal with the fact that Bray had disappeared.

Amber went into labour  and while her and Bray worked through the contractions, the Techno's arrived causing havoc all over the city. They took Bray with them leaving Amber in pain, scared and by herself.

Luckily Trudy found her in time and little Bray was born safe and sound. The next few days were tough on Amber, she was unwell and fatigued and Trudy, Brady, Baby Bray and herself needed to get somewhere safe. They found safety at the Eco-camp and Baby Bray became an Eco-baby.

 Amber finds it really hard to be a single mum and the death of Bray is still very much in her mind. But she has learned that baby Bray is a part of her lost love and that Bray himself would want her to carry on and bring up their son in a safe and loving environment. 

She gets much joy from watching him develop although she worries about the safety of her son in this uncertain world.Baby Bray will never know the security and stability that comes with having generations of people around who would share their life and their history. Bray has a blonde Mohawk of hair and innocent looks, he behaves himself well. He is dressed stylishly and Amber makes sure that he is always dressed for the weather. 

Actors portraying Bray jr.

Lucas Hill

The Tribe (2002) Baby Bray (#1) (episodes 158-161, 203-206)

Adam Sondej
The Tribe (2003) Baby Bray (#2) (episodes 209-260)