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Chapter 9

They led me out of the mall. Outside of the mall they had a car ready, they all piled into the car, me among them. I didnt know what they wanted me for, I just wanted to go back home. To the mall, to Ryan.

A few hours later

Get out, the man whom I thought was the leader said. Everyone in the car piled out of it. Except for me. I stayed put in the car.

You too missy, he said and got into the car and pulled me out of it. I had no clue where we were, all I could tell was that we were inside some kind of building, it was full of metal barrels. I guessed they held petrol.

Back at the mall: Ryan's POV

"We can't just do nothing," I was shouting angrily at Amber.

"Ryan, calm down. There's nothing we can do. We don't know what happened," Amber was trying to reason with me, but it wasn't working. I couldn't calm down. Taryn and Trudy were missing. My wife and daughter. Not that anyone else knew that Taryn was my daughter. We had just gotten back and found Patsy and Salene all alone in the mall and Salene had been tied up. Bray was nowhere to be seen. I never trusted the guy, and I was fairly certain he had something to do with the fact that my wife and child were missing. However, we found another girl in the mall. Salene and Patsy said her name's Cloe. It seemed like they already know her.

"Someone waltzed right in here, because you and Bray decided to take everyone but Patsy, Salene and Trudy with us. And now my wife is missing," I shouted. I was furious with Amber. I couldn't believe her. It was her fault that they were missing in the first place. If I'd been able to stay behind then Trudy would still have been with me. It was frustrating, no one wanted to do anything. Well they did want to do something, but they all said, "We need to find out more before we rush in to a trap," I couldn’t believe them.

I stomped away from the café. I decided to go up to the roof. I needed to clear my head.

Trudy's POV

I couln't believe it. They were worshipping me. It was such a strange feeling.

"Excuse me Divine one, but we wish for you to speak with our leader," a girl with brown hair said while her eyes were downcast. She didn't not look me in the eyes. It was strange.

"Sure, let him in," I said as I shifted my hold on Taryn. I was glad that I got her with me. I didn't know what I would've done if I hadn't. Probably fight more. Which actually explains why they let me bring her. To make sure that I wouldn't fight or oppose them. As I waited for the leader to come I settled into the pile of pillows that had been laid out in the room for me. I still had Taryn in my arms, I truly had no desire to let her out of my sight, nor did I have any intentions of doing so either. I didn't know when the leader was going to come and see me, nor did I know who it might be.

Ryan's POV

Being up on the roof doesn't help much. So after a while, I make my way back down into the mall, however, I didn't stay in the mall. I headed out on to the streets. I didn't know where to go or what to do. I just walked around aimlessly.

I continued to walk until I was too tired to walk any further. I had ended up outside of a bar. I didn't care, I entered it. I had my rucksack with me and in it I had a few items I could trade. I traded in two cans of beans and got a couple of drinks from it.

Trudy’s POV

An hour had passed before the door to my room was opened again. When it was a blonde man with dreads entered. It was Zoot, I was sure of it. The one and same person that was the leader of the Locos. I wasn’t sure if he was anymore though. From what I’d heard he was supposed to be dead, but then again. It had been Bray who’d told us about it.

“Are you comfortable?” a slightly familiar voice asked and I looked up. It was Bray.

“What are you doing here?” I asked surprised. I couldn’t believe it. He’d been in on it. “It’s all your fault. Now tell me what I’m doing here,” I say angrily. I am deeply frustrated, confused and annoyed.

“Oh well, ask Zoot. It was his plan after all,” Bray said to me with a cheeky smile on his face.

“What do you want from me?” I shouted angrily. I woke up Taryn in the process.

“Oh nothing much. Except you left me. ME! The almighty Zoot,” the blonde said. I couldn’t have believed it even if I wanted to. The guy was crazy. As far as I knew I hadn’t met the guy before in my life.

“You’re crazy. I’ve never seen you in my whole life before,” I said as I looked at him. I was trying to soothe Taryn as I studied the face of Zoot, as he said his name was. Something about his face was familiar. I couldn’t place it.

“Hush sweet heart,” I said to Taryn hoping it would work. Sadly it didn’t. I was up from the pile of pillows and started to walk around rocking Taryn back and forth. She settled down after a few minutes again.

“Oh what a sweet child you have,” Zoot said and with those words I backed away from him.

“You’re not getting my daughter.” I said glaring at the people in the room. They looked ridiculous in their robes. All of the boys had blue hair, and it looked really strange on them. I didn’t know what to do. I had to get out of here. I wanted to go home.

A few days later: Ryan’s POV

A week has almost passed. And no matter what we do, we can’t seem to find any information about Trudy or Taryn or the people who got them. However, I managed to find out that the tribal gathering had been diversion. The little girl we found when we came back from the gathering is named Cloe, and she knows both Patsy and Salene. So I guess she’s an okay kid. I haven’t spent much time with her yet though, I’ve been too busy trying to find my wife.

“Good morning Ryan,” Amber said to me as she came into the café. It was my turn to make breakfast again. I hated doing all the chores. They were time consuming, all I wanted to do was to go out and search for Trudy and Taryn.

“No not really.” I answered Amber, I had been in a bad mood since they had kidnapped my family. The only family I had, and wanted to keep. Especially since I had just married Trudy. We were a real family.

Trudy’s POV

Almost a week had passed. All that happened to me was more shouting matches with three different guys, Zoot, Bray and a guy who called himself the Guardian. I was so sick of this that I wanted to find a way out. The question I was asked the most was, who was Taryn’s father. I still hadn’t answered them. I refused to.

“Here they come again,” I thought to myself as I see Bray enter the room. They haven’t let me out of the room yet. And it was starting to drive me mental.

“Why won’t you tell us who the father is?” Bray asked this time and all I did was glare. I was happy that they kept me well fed, it helped me to keep Taryn well fed and happy.

“Cause it’s none of your business, butt wad,“ I said to Bray, I hated his guts. He had nestled his way into our tribe, and then gotten me kidnapped, along with my daughter.

“We’re making it our business. So tell us now, or you won’t see your daughter grow up.” Bray said as he took a step closer to me. I had made a makeshift baby carrier from a blanket. I was standing with my hand up for protection. I was not going to give up without a fight.

“Come and try to take her if you dare,” I challenged.

“You are such a stubborn cow,” Bray said and just left the room. I heard how he locked the door. I just slumped back into the pillows. It was tiresome not being able to sleep properly because of the threat of losing my daughter.

“And you’re an asshole,” I said to the wall. I couldn’t care less if he didn’t hear me. It felt good to get it off my chest.

Ryan’s POV

“Ryan, we’ve found out where they’ve taken her.” I heard Lex say as he dragged Amber into the café with him. Two more weeks had passed.

“Where?” I asked as I put down the plates I was washing. They insisted that I should keep at it with the regular chores, everyone did. Amber had just added one day per person of searching for Trudy and Taryn.

“An old tower that’s filled with oil drums,” Lex said with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on him.

“Where?” I asked once again. I wanted to know exactly where so I could go there and get Trudy. My beautiful bride, and our beautiful daughter Taryn.

“Just outside of town,” Amber blurted out and I just looked at her. I couldn’t believe that Amber and Lex had paired themselves together, but then again, wherever love was found, it was a great thing. I was happy for Lex, but I would be even happier if we could go and get my wife now.

“When do we leave?” I asked as I stop cleaning the dishes all together and moved closer to Amber and Lex.

“Soon Ryan. Soon. We just need to a bit more help first,” Amber said with a slight smile on her face. She and Zandra had been talking a lot lately. I had no clue of what, because I only had one thing on my mind. My wife.

Trudy’s POV

“I need to get away from here. I can’t stand it anymore,” I think to myself and take a deep breath. I wonder what Ryan and the others are up to. I’ve lost track of time. The days are looking the same, someone always ask about Taryn’s father and I keep saying piss off basically.

I had noticed that lately the guards didn’t lock the door when they left. I hadn’t found out why yet, because I didn’t dare to open the door.

It didn’t take long before I discovered why they didn’t lock the door. They were moving, and of course they were bringing me with them.

“Come one,” a blue haired guy said to me, and all I did was glare at him. I had no intentions of leaving. If they wanted me to leave. They’d have to either drag me, or carry me.

Ryan’s POV

It took us two days to rally up enough people to get Trudy and Taryn back. It took us almost two hours to reach the building.

“I’ll go around back, so wait for my signal,” Lex said as he duck walked his way around the building. Lex wolf whistled, it was our signal. I thought it was a ridiculous one, but it worked. We stormed the building, and within minutes we were in.

Trudy’s POV

I was awoken by a lot of noise. It sounded like someone was trying to break into the place. But that would be difficult considering where we were.

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